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Hello, and welcome to Garry L. Harwood’s (Almost) Daily Painting Blog.

For some time ( well, until now obviously) I’ve managed to resist the Borg-like efforts of various folk persuading me to join the blogosphere. While resistance may be futile, the real motive behind the creation of this blog is a purely selfish one. Prompted by my recent move away from London down to the very end of the “long pointy bit of coastline” sticking out into the Atlantic on the lower left-hand side of the UK, this blog, at least initially, will take the form of a year-long “painting diary.” In it I’ll try and record my impressions of the effects of passing seasons echoed in land, sea and sky, at my home on the windswept Atlantic-facing coast of the West Penwith Peninsula in Cornwall.

The paintings that appear on this blog, will, in the main, be roughly postcard size oil paintings that I create almost every day, completed rapidly ‘en plein air’ in a single session. I say “almost every day” as there will be times when studio projects or other commitments (life) might interrupt the process. I also reserve the right to post about other paintings or projects I may be working on in the studio, large or small!

Anyway, I hope you take the time to view the blog and enjoy these paintings as much as I enjoy making them.


Blog Announcement: An ending and a new beginning

It seems right that as this blog began with a still life study it should, for now, also end with one. No 161 is my final painting for now on the blog. This blog has been and continues to be a wonderful experience on many levels and I want to thank everyone who has enjoyed the site.

I will continue to post various paintings that I’m working on and talk about what I’m doing so that the blog will become more of a glimpse into my studio and processes with some other surprises along the way. I hope you will continue to check in.

Thank you all once again for your participation and support!

161, 27th October, 6x5 inches, oil on board

This is the third study of this pine cone I have painted over the last eighteen months or so. This time around rather than concern myself with a description of minute detail, it was the form and arrangement of the seeds in their characteristic Fibonacci spirals which was of more interest to me. Although more clearly seen from the ‘stem end’ of the pine cone, I like the way the seed heads break up the clockwise and anti-clockwise spirals in an interesting way which was fun to decipher and paint.

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160, 25th October, 6x5 inches, oil on board

I managed to take a break from the studio today and while the weather was relatively fine paint some cloud studies and this little sketch. After three days of near constant rain and the odd gale the sycamore trees are suddenly bare, their skeletal forms making interesting patterns against the sky. Colours everywhere are turning now to rich russets and purples marking the onset of autumn -a nice counterpoint to the mossy green grass and darker gorse on much of the open moorland.

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159, 13th October, 12x10 inches, oil on board

159, 13th October, 12x10 inches, oil on board

I’m spending time just now in the studio trying to meet some gallery deadlines  ( there has been almost a week of heavy fog with some rain, while the perpetually flat light has not made outdoor painting worthwhile just to add insult to injury,) so here are two studies of the cliff formations at the Crowns, Botallack. They are part of an on-going series of paintings exploring the effects of light, weather, and changing seasons on these rocks over the course of a single year.

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158, 6th October, 6x5 inches, oil on board

Having just come out of the studio, I caught a glimpse of the Moon through a gap in low cloud cover, rising in dusty azure blue sky streaked with higher cloud still illuminated by the light of the setting sun. No sooner was it there than it was gone again as the clouds obscured the view, so I had to rush back into the studio and paint this oil sketch before I forgot what everything looked like! I always find the rising or setting Moon at dawn or dusk most evocative and a favourite subject to paint.

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157, 2nd October, 6x4 inches, oil on board

Colour sketch of this evenings half-moon over a calm ocean and Cape Cornwall from Porth Nanven.

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156, 1st October, 6x4 inches, oil on board

Woke earlier than usual this morning to beautiful rosy hued light around half an hour before sunrise and rushed off to the seaward end of Kenidjack to try and paint the wonderful sky looking eastwards towards the rising sun. It looked as though there would be a spectacular sunrise but the glory was short-lived and the sun remained obscured by veils of high cloud until late morning.

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155, 30th September, 6x4 inches, oil on board

Plein air oil sketch from the pathway passing through Nancherrow/Kenidjack leading to Porth Nanven and the ocean.  Recently, there have been some nice effects at daybreak ( if the thick fog has cleared! ) and particularly so at dusk, with cool dusty blues and greys playing off the browns, russets and distant purples of dying bracken, signalling the onset of autumn.

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